San Diego Travel Baseball League

  1. Major league rules with SDTBL/USTBA and local League Director's exceptions will be followed.
  2. All games will be 7 INNINGS or with no new inning after 2 hrs. 10 mins. "NO MAS RULE" - if a team is losing by more that 15 runs during any time in the game, the losing coach may use his discretion to call the game at any time. Otherwise the Mercy rule will be 15 runs after 2 hours, or at both coaches mutual agreement.
  3. Divisions are based upon player's ages as of year 2010 league age. (Birthdate after April 30th). Example in the 12U Division - a player's 12th birthday must fall after April 30th, 2010. Players may play up in age but may not play down. Winter leagues will be based on 2010 age requirements.
  4. Player may only play on one team during the league season, unless, he receives a release from his coach from the orginal team. A player can only change teams once during the season, and not later than the 5th game of the season. Players can be added to the rosters up to the 5th game. Additional players added after the 5th game must be approved by the league director. Player aditions will only be approved to replace another player, after the 5th game for (injury, vacation, school etc.) League has discretion on all matters, beneficial to the League.
  5. Pitching restriction for league games are unlimited. However, we advise all coaches and parents to be aware of innings pitched during a game and season, for the well being of the player. The league will not monitor inings pitched by a player. RE-ENTRY, National Rules allow a pitcher to reenter a game at the pitcher position, however, USTBA California does not allow re-entry at the pitcher position - due to pitching restrictions. FOR LEAGUE PURPOSES THERE WILL NOT BE ANY REENTRY FOR PITCHERS AT THE PITCHER'S POSITION.
  6. Pitching/Base Distances
    10U: 46' / 65'
    11U: 50' / 70'
    12U: 50' / 70'
    13U: 54' / 80'
    14U: 60'6" / 90'
    15U: 60'6" / 90'
    16U: 60'6" / 90'
  7. Batting Order - Teams may elect to bat 9 players AND/OR bat 10 players with the 10th player being a EH (extra hitter). The EH is considered a defensive player and may switch in and out defensively. Teams may also bat their entire roster. Starter my re-enter one time only in their original spot. Teams may set their line at their discretion - LEAGUE RULES ONLY.
  8. You can start a game with 8 players if the reason for 8 players is due to extenuating cirumstances (lost, car trouble, injury). You can add players to the line up any time during the game, up to 10 players (LEAGUE RULE ONLY). If a player is ejected and there is no substitute, each time the ejected player's spot comes up in the line, it will be ruled as AN OUT. If a player must leave the game due to injury or any other reason other than an ejection, the line up just moves up. NO LEAGUE GAME SHOULD BE FORFIETED FOR THE ABOVE SITUATIONS.
  9. Host team will always be the Home Team. On a neutral site home team is determined by a coin toss. Home team will be official scorekeeper and occupy 3rd base dugout. Please note that all changes in the line up must go throught the home plate umpire. Home team must report the scores within 48 hours to the league director.
  10. Metal cleated shoes are prohibited on all portable mounds. 12 year old & under teams must use rubber cleated shoes.
  11. All protest will be ruled upon 48 hours after the conclusion of the Game, and all decisions are final. Player protest must be accompanied with a $5-0 player protest fee, if rules in favor protest fee will be refunded.
  12. Game time is forfeit time. Coaches please use your discretion, to avoid forfieted or cancellation of games. It is the teams responsibility to be warmed up and ready to play at game time. Only the umpier may allow a 15 min. grace period at this discretion.
  13. Courtesy runners will be allowed for the pitcher or catcher at any time. The courtesy runner will be someone not currently in the game or if the team has no substitution, the last out. It is the base runner's responsibility to avoid contact with the fielder when he has the ball. Slide or avoid is in effect at all times. Intentinally running into a field who is in possession of the ball is grounds for ejection.
  14. All conversations with an umpire should be conducted after a time out has been called and be held in calm and profesisonal manner. Verbal abuse of the umpire will not be tolerated and may result in ejction from the game. If your question is regarding a rule clarification, the head umpire, or league director will make an official ruling.
  15. Ejected players and coaches shall be subject to discipline ranging from forfeiting a game, ejection from the league, and SUSPENSION FROM ALL USTBA SANCTIONED LEAGUES AND TOURNAMENTS FOR ONE YEAR PERIOD.
  16. Any player, maanager or coach ejected from the game will sit out the following scheduled league game. Managers are responsible for the conduct of his players and fans.
  17. To intentionally walk a batter, a coach simply needs to inform the umpire and point to first base. No pitches are thrown.
  18. Boys 13U, 14U & 15U divisions will have the option to use wooden bats.
  19. Standing and Seeding will be based on the following: STANDINGS -Win/Lost record. Two points (2) for a win, one point (1) for a tie, zero point for a loss. Standings are based on offical games played during the season. All league games will be considered an official league game, unless, stipulated otherwise by the opposing coaches, before the game. Please note that teams may play more than the min. 10 games, and that standings will be based on total number of official league games played. SEEDINGS - best record, head to head, least runs allowed, highest run differential based on games won, most runs scored, then coin toss.
  20. POOR SPORTSMANSHIP WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. No throwing bats, helmets, or other equipment. NO SWEARING. AnY coach's behavior that is detrimental to the team or child will be given a warning. Fans, coach, and players will only warned once for unruly, disruptive or inappropriate behavior. A second offense will result in an explusion from the Park. Director has full discretion on all matters, regarding conduct on and off the field.



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