San Diego Travel Baseball League


To enter the league, please submit your League Application and Entry Fees to:
     6473 Plaza Ridge Road
     San Diego, CA 92114


10U, 11U & 12U divisions: $500.00

Prep High School (13U & 14U) Sunday League: $600.00

High School Summer & Winter League: $300.00 (home field), $450.00 (no home field)

You can also Pay Fees Online using a Credit Card or PayPal.


All teams playing in the league must show proof of Team Insurance in order to participate. You can purchase insurance from Chappell Insurance Agency. (Insurance from USSSA, AAU, etc. is also acceptable.)


For the most current information, please go to


  1. How do we find the San Diego Travel Baseball League website? or and click on SDTBL

  2. League fee?
    10U, 11U, & 12U Sunday league: $500.00
    Prep High School Sunday League (13U & 14U): $600.00
    High School Summer and Winter League (Saturday games only): $300.00 (home field) $450.00 (no home field).
    All teams: $50.00 forfeit fee, refundable at the end of the season, or rolls over to the next season.

  3. What about team insurance?
    All teams must show proof of team insurance.Your local league insurance will not suffiice. All medical coverage is secondary, however, should an injuried player's family not have medical coverage, then your team insurance will become primary. We recommend the you secure team insurance with Chappell Insurance.They will pro rate premiums for the league.

  4. What we need ASAP, before you can play in the league.
    The league needs the following information:
    a. Home field location.
    b. Home field dates & times.
    c. Bye dates (tournaments, vacations, Charger games, etc.)
    d. Coaches and manager information: Names, cell and home phone, email address etc.

  5. What if we don't have a home field?
    Your team will have an away schedule (on the road) each week. There may be additional charge on neutral fields.

  6. Neutral fields?
    The league has a couple of neutral fields where we can schedule two teams who don't have a home field.

  7. What days are games played on?
    There might be an occasional late saturday night (with lights). In the past, late saturday afternoon games under the lights seem to be very popular with many of the teams. Prep High School League is a Sunday league. High school summer and winter leagues are played on Saturday, 12 and under teams will play on Sundays.

  8. Double headers?
    Let us know if you can host or play double headers during the season, please indicate a date.

  9. Field rental?
    Cost for field rental is included in the 12U and below and Prep High School League fee.

  10. Umpire coverage and fees?
    The league will assign umpires for all league game... Teams will share (50/50) the cost of an umpire.12U and below each team pays $30.00 before the game. 13U and above each team pays $35.00 before the game. Team wishing to play extra innings the rate is $10.00 per inning. If you wish to provide your own umpire, you need to have league approval.
    Joe Butler is the Umpire Assignor for the league. 619-823-1553 or

  11. Will there be an Upper and Lower Division in our age division?
    The league will exercise its discretion on each age division. Normally, the 10u, 11u and 12u may have two divisions. The league will poll the coaches if they want to divide the divisions.

  12. Can I request the league to not play a certain team during the season?
    Yes, just let us know before the season starts, and the league will make every effort to accomodate your request.

  13. How do I find the league schedule?
    Go to the league home page On the left hand column is a menu of important leeague info. Click on the box labeled "Schedule" then click on your age division.

  14. How many games will we play?
    The league guarantees a 10 game with playoffs and is based on your availability to play.Each season rolls into the next. Normally there is a two to three week break between seasons.

  15. What happens if we need to cancel or forfiet a game?
    Teams have a 48 hour window (from game time) to reschedule games. Team wishing to reschedule should contact the opposing team and league director as soon as possible.The league director will make every effort to find a replacement team.NO GUARANTEES.

  16. No show and forfiet games--what happens?
    If a team forfiets a game by NOT SHOWING AT GAME TIME OR AFTER THE 48 HOUR NOTIFICATION PERIOD, the forfeiting team loses its Forfeit Fee Deposit which goes to the umpire assigned to the game. An additional $50 forfeit fee must be submitted before the next game. A second forfeit will result in the banishment from the league.

  17. Where do we find the league rules?
    The league plays Xtreme Diamond Sports tournament rules, with a few league expectations. On the left hand menu you can find the league rules link.

  18. How do we contact the other coaches?
    The league will provide you an updated coaches list for every team in your division. You will receive a Coaches Update on a weekly basis regarding your division:updated coaches info, cancelled games, upcoming tournaments, teams looking for a game, team looking for players, players looking for game or any other pertinent information.

  19. Will there be playoffs in the league?
    Every season we offer a playoff format for the teams, based on team availability.

  20. Are there any awards or trophies for the players?


Jim C. Tuyay, SDTBL Director
Phone: 619.479.2805



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